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Address: 315 Meigs Rd Ste A 289 Santa Barbara, California USA

The Fish Reef Project is the next great ocean enhancement and restoration project, which will turn empty seafloors into thriving marine ecosystems which will be home and breeding and feeding grounds for millions of marine mammals, sea birds, turtles, fish, lobster, abalone, scallops, marine algae and much more.

The Fish Reefs will reduce pressure on natural reefs, thus reducing overfishing while helping to restore damaged natural reef systems. The Fish Reefs are designed to enhance marine life, and provide study, eco-tour, and fishing opportunities for everyone. The Fish Reefs are a triple net positive in that they quickly increase marine life abundance, they unite the ocean community to a single common cause that we can all benefit from, and they require no heavy enforcement or use of public funds or resources to maintain. The entire Fish Reef Project operation is carbon negative due to marine life sinking carbon and fisheries removing the need for land based protein, which emits carbon and agricultural runoff.
It is the goal of the Fish Reef Project to create a global fish reef system.

Dr. Ryan Jenkinson, Science Director
Tel.+1 310 488 6100

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Sea Cave® Blue Carbon Project is developed by Fish Reef Project and its agent IMMB INC. The project will make and deploy large numbers of their proprietary Sea Cave biogenic fish reef units. With a design life of 500 years, each Sea Cave in cold water can generate up to 3,000 kilograms of marine life per annum. Carbon sequestration is based on science that links the permanent removal of 3-9 tonnes of CO2 directly from the Sea Water per Sea Cave per year. Sequestration occurs as a function of marine algae growth, fishing redistribution, and CO2 locked in the tissues of the marine biomass.

The Sea Caves also offer the direct benefits of creating vast new kelp marine ecosystems and converting underwater deserts into thriving oasis of life with substantial habitats for marine mammals, turtles, fish, lobster, abalone, scallops, crabs, and much more. The new Fish Reefs bolster drought-proof sustainable fisheries for the world over the long term. Purchasing Sea Cave blue carbon drives measurable, large scale ocean health benefits never before seen. Sea Caves create the world’s first scalable and consistent inventory of high quality Blue Carbon in North America and beyond.


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