For who and how

Carbon markets are crucial to scale climate action. Below is a summary of how ICR assists different participants in the carbon markets.

Project Developers

The ICR is a robust GHG Programme that promotes the innovation of scalable methodologies and climate projects. With the ICR Project developers can both with transparent registration and extensive documentation demonstrate commitment to transparency and real mitigation outcomes and at the same time with a direct link to an exchange, facilitate the financing of their projects and maximize their revenues in order to scale their solutions fast.

Market Participants

ICR enables OTC trading while at the same time requires OTC trading to record retirements made by Organizations and thereby safeguards corresponding adjustments and ITMO transfers according to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.


ICR is linked to CarbonTradeExchange which was the first voluntary carbon and climate action exchange worldwide facilitating access of registered projects and carbon credits to the Marketplace. ICR can further be linked to any third-party exchange.


ICR recommends that end-users of carbon credits establish their own accounts within the ICR registry platform. Since climate action is a mission, Organizations should strategize their climate actions, according to the objectives of the Paris Agreement, and therefore manage their carbon credit portfolio to harmonize the vintage of carbon credits with unabated emissions.


Investors in prominent technology and or who are financing climate actions need to be guaranteed with results, no double accounting, collateral, etc. All carbon credits can be pledged and all distributions of carbon credits can be conditioned.

Validation & Verification bodies

Validation and verification bodies (VVBs) have participated in the carbon markets for decades. ICR promotes and exploits ISO 14064-2:2019 and ISO 14064-3:2019 which many GHG Programmes are based on. With the vast experience, VVBs harness ICR acknowledges their importance, and with appropriate accreditation, they can be accepted for validation and verification of climate projects and for emerging new technology and methodologies for fighting climate change.