The International Carbon Registry (ICR), having the legal name Loftslagsskrá Íslands ehf., is controlled by the members of the ICR Board following consultation with the Program Advisory and Methodology Approval Panel (PAMAP) and administered by the ICR General management. ICR provides an electronic registry platform for climate projects and administers the ICR GHG program.

ICR Board– The ICR Board controls and is responsible for the strategic direction and following the development in the carbon markets. The ICR Board members are to make decisions based on recommendations where applicable for the integrity of the ICR program by the Program Advisory and Methodology Approval Panel (PAMAP). The responsibility of the ICR Board is further to oversee and monitor the operations of the ICR General management with periodic review of the registration process with input from a third-party audit. The ICR Board appoints members of the PAMAP by recommendation from the General management. Ultimately, any significant amendment of ICRs processes, procedures, and operations is decided upon and approved by the ICR Board.

Program Advisory and Methodology Approval Panel– The PAMAP supports and guides the ICR Board in any substantial decisions to be made, e.g. approval of new methodologies and revisions to ICR operational documentation, and guide ICRs strategic direction. The PAMAP is a group of carefully selected and highly competent technical experts in climate solutions and carbon markets who will consult and advise ICR on maintaining an effective and efficient GHG Program with solid integrity and trustworthiness for all users and stakeholders. Further, the PAMAP reviews proposed new methodologies following the ICR Methodology Approval Process.

ICR General Management – The ICR General management is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the ICR program under the leadership of the CEO, e.g., provide technical support, assist with project registration, preparing revisions and amendments to the ICR procedures and operational documentation, engagement with stakeholders and other administrative operations required for the continuous operation of the ICR program.