ICR Templates and Documentation

ICR provides templates and other documentation to ensure consistency in the structure of projects documentation that project proponents, validation and verification bodies, and other users of ICR can rely on when completing necessary documentation or when reviewing project documentation. Templates must be used when completing Project Design Descriptions, Monitoring Reports, Validation and Verification reports, and other required documentation.

ICR RequirementsVersion Date of the newest version
ICR Requirement Document3.0 11. August 2021
ICR Process Requirement2.0 11. August 2021
ICR Methodology Requirement1.0 Published November 2021
ICR Approved Methodologies2.028. November 2021
TemplatesVersion Date of the newest version
Project Design Description 2.0 11. August 2021
Monitoring Report2.0 11. August 2021
Validation Report2.0 11. August 2021
Verification Report2.0 11. August 2021
Methodology Description1.0Published November 2021
Validation and Verification BodiesVersionDate of the newest version
VVB Application Form 2.0 11. August 2021
KYC Version Date of the newest version
KYC Form 4.0 26. October 2021
Other DocumentationVersion Date of the newest version
Privacy Policy2.0 11. August 2021
Terms and Conditions3.0 4. October 2021