decarbonizing the global economy

The International Carbon Registry (ICR) provides electronic registration of climate projects and issuances of ICR carbon credits (ICCs). ICR also acts as a platform for transferring carbon credits to organizations aiming to offset emissions effectively and transparently.

ICR’s mission is to unlock and scale up climate actions through carbon markets to help limit climate change, decarbonize the global economy and achieve net-zero.

The International Carbon Registry offers

  • Low registration and issuance fees.
  • No transfer fees or retirement fees which makes the process efficient and effective.
  • Connection to an exchange to facilitate access to the carbon market.
  • Requirements based on ISO standards.

  • Promotes emerging methodologies and technologies for their access to the carbon market.
  • Credits issued after validation of projects to facilitate financing.
  • All credits can be collateralized for facilitating financing.

To register with ICR and issue carbon credits, a climate project must undergo a comprehensive validation and verification process based on our set of robust requirements by an accredited third-party validation and verification body.
Once a climate project has been validated and registered, the project owner will receive carbon credit certificates through the ICR platform, which are transferrable to organizations financing climate actions. ICR is directly linked to a carbon exchange which facilitates access to the carbon market and builds market liquidity.
Organizations can create an account to hold carbon credits they have acquired i.e. when investing in prominent climate projects and/or to manage their portfolio of carbon credits to be used for offsetting emissions in the future.

Are you currently working on a climate project that could be eligible for registration and issuance of carbon credits? Contact us to inquire about the next steps.

ICR promotes Exchange transactions with ICCs where buyers of ICCs benefit from a simplified buyer journey, increased price transparency, and more effective price risk management. The Project developers also benefit from improved access to financing and a clear price signal to inform their investment decisions and enable price risk management. The planet benefits as well due to increased and accelerated climate action, financed by a scaled-up voluntary carbon market. The ICR Registry platform is developed by Global Environmental Markets and is directly connected to Carbon Trade Exchange with minimum efforts listing ICCs and access to the Carbon market.