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The International Carbon Registry operates an international greenhouse gas program for the registration of climate projects and issuance of high-integrity carbon credits.

Our mission is to unlock and scale climate action through the global voluntary carbon market by relying on globally recognized ISO standards.

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Our ambition is to provide a platform for both climate projects, market participants, and end-users of carbon credits to support scaling of climate action through the voluntary carbon market and provide the crucial integrity of carbon credits to support transparent offsetting claims.

Go to our publicly available registry to explore projects and credits issued or sign in to manage your account.

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By adopting crediting principles from methodologies and the globally acknowledged ISO 14064-2, we provide a robust framework aligned with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Having this approach, we ensure trustworthiness and integrity for righteous projects across all sectoral scopes. 

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Go to our publicly available registry to explore projects and credits issued, or sign in to manage your account

Who we are and what we do

The International Carbon Registry provides electronic registration for climate projects and issuances of ICR carbon credits (ICCs). ICR also acts as a platform for transferring carbon credits to organizations aiming to offset emissions effectively and transparently.


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