About us

we are committed to making our processes highly effective, addressing one of the main barriers in the voluntary carbon market

we strive to be consistent and transparent in our work and in all aspects honour the trust placed in us by those who choose the ICR program and registration for their climate action.

we aim is to serve our customers in the best possible way by exploring and constantly adapting to new technology and regulations

What we do

The International Carbon Registry provides electronic registration for climate projects and issuance ICR carbon credits (ICCs) to climate projects that conform to ICRs requirements and ISO 14064-2. In this way, ICCs represents high-integrity carbon credits from projects across the globe as they arise from internationally acknowledged standards and commonly agreed upon carbon principles.

ICR registry platform also serves as the registry for afforestation projects and issuance Forest Carbon Units (FCU) in Iceland according to the Forest Carbon Code issued by the Icelandic Forest Service.

How it works

The voluntary carbon market is a multidisciplinary space where ICRs involvement is spread throughout the value chain, ranging from initial conversations with developers, to final retirement of credits on behalf of an organization. We believe that combining knowledge sharing, flexibility, and third-party validation and verification can enable a larger pool of projects that results in trustworthy climate change mitigation. 

Our process, simply put, a developer with a ICC eligible project decide to register with us and receives guidance on how to do so. After third-party validation of the project design description, monitoring of the project operation and third-party verification of the mitigation outcome, ICR will issue ICCs to the project owner. Thereafter, the project owner can transfer their credits to an exchange or engage in OTC trading with their ICCs.

The process differs depending on various factors, and we would be happy to explore what your next steps look like. Click the link at the bottom of this page and get in touch!

For who

ICR believes that combining knowledge sharing, flexibility, and third-party validation and verification can enable a larger pool of projects that results in trustworthy climate change mitigation. More specifically, ICR works with parties such as project owners, project developers, market participants, exchanges, end-users, investors, and validation and verification bodies to scale climate action and the voluntary carbon market space.

For climate projects, ICR enables climate action from across the globe a registration platform, as long as they conform to eligibility criteria laid out in our requirements and the requirements of ISO 14064-2.

The ICR team

The International Carbon Registry administers ICRs electronic registry platform and the ICR program. ICRs operations is governed by the members of the ICR Board following consultation with the Program Advisory Panel (PAP).

Guðmundur Sigbergsson
Founder and CEO of the International Carbon Registry

Guðmundur has a background in environmental and civil engineering and risk management from the University of Iceland and Lund University in Sweden. Guðmundur has experience from both financial sector as a Managing director at the Central Bank of Iceland and the certification sector, where he was the founder of the accredited certification body iCert.

When establishing The International Carbon Registry, Guðmundur sought to create an ecosystem for carbon offsetting based on international trends, facilitating climate actions for both Icelandic and international organizations worldwide. Guðmundur is passionate about responsible carbon offsetting and transparency in the voluntary carbon market space, where he has been in the forefront for these activities in Iceland. The drive to promote responsible and transparent practices has taken his contributions to both a national and international levels.

Board of Directors

The ICR Board controls and is responsible for the strategic direction and following the development in the carbon markets.

Daníel F. Jónsson
Board Member and Chair 

With an extensive background in the IT industry, Daniel is the CEO and co-founder of GreenBlocks. A company focused on mining Bitcoin on 100% renewable energy and enabling power producers to fully utilize and monetize their production capacity. Daniel has been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency mining industry since 2017 and is a member of the board of the Icelandic Blockchain Foundation.

Gunnar Sveinn Magnússon
Board Member

Gunnar is a Partner at Deloitte and Head of the Climate Change and Sustainability Services team in Iceland and part of Deloitte Nordic collaboration on climate change. Gunnar has experience in the financial sector, having been the Sustainability Manager for Íslandsbanki in Iceland while also working for the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC and the European Commission in Brussels. Gunnar has a MSc degree in European Political Economy from the London School of Economics, is a certified stockbroker/financial advisor, and is a former board member at Festa, Icelandic Center for Sustainability.

Kristján Ingi Mikaelsson
Board Member

Kristján is an angel investor and rigorous problem solver. Over his professional career, Kristján has founded multiple non-profits, focusing on strengthening democracy, reducing carbon footprint, and making public data more transparent and traceable. He currently leads the largest developer community in Iceland and is a co-founder of a local grant fund for local technology initiatives. Kristjan is a sought-after speaker on various topics while focusing on effective altruism and blockchains.

Ragnar Þór Valgeirsson
Board Member

Ragnar is a Partner at Aranja, a lead developer, and a board member at Hopp. With a Computer Science degree, and an extensive background in the field of software engineering, Ragnar has built complex and durable software solutions for companies including Google, Panasonic, and Facebook. In his free time, Ragnar advocates for tech innovation, cruelty-free, carbon-neutral food alternatives, and disability rights.

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