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All Project Proponents, Validation/Verification Bodies, Market Participants, and General Users must apply for an appropriate account type. ICR conducts KYC checks and provides Account holders with login information when completed.


In order to complete the account opening, you must

  1. complete this application form;
  2. agree to the Terms and Conditions provided by ICR;
  3. pay all applicable fees.

When completed ICR Admins reviews the application and requests further documentation in order to complete the KYC check. ICR will provide information on which documentation is needed and if further documentation is required during the KYC check.

When the KYC is completed ICR Admins will provide the contact user account details via email provided in the application.

Accounts are billed for a setup fee, and the invoice is sent via email to the Contact provided during the application. When the account has been approved and all applicable fees paid, all functions are available according to the user type applied for. If you have questions regarding the account opening process, please advise with us at ICR via email, phone, or WhatsApp.