International Carbon Registry linked with Carbon Trade Exchange

Today the International Carbon Registry (ICR) was formally linked with Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX). Now members of CTX are able to buy carbon credits issued by ICR directly from the exchange. It’s not required to have a registry account for direct retirement of credits but participants are encouraged to establish an account when holding different credits for use at a later date. There are numerous projects being developed around the globe that are preparing for registration and issuances for high-quality carbon credits with the ICR. They will have direct access to the carbon market through this connection. No other registry and/or exchange infrastructure offers this direct link.


Today is the first day of COP26, the most important COP meeting since 2015, with the Paris Agreement. At COP26, it is vital to reach a consensus on Article 6 and the pathway towards global Net-Zero. Iceland, with its 100% renewable energy production, is participating with bold Net-Zero goals for 2040.

The International Carbon Registry (ICR) is also initiated from Iceland, the sustainability epicenter of the world. With proven success in the decarbonization of the energy sector in Iceland, ICR’s vision is to replicate Iceland’s success story globally ​and provide climate projects of all sizes with a platform to reach global carbon credit buyers. The ICR is an international GHG program and a registry platform, which offers registration of climate projects and issuances of high-quality carbon credits generated by such projects.  

The ICR electronic registration platform, developed by Global Environmental Markets Ltd, for climate projects worldwide, has launched with the registration of domestic afforestation projects in partnership with the Icelandic Forestry Service and international climate projects coming online.

ICR is also integrated with Carbon Trade eXchange (CTX), facilitating all transactions with carbon credits and access to the emerging carbon market. ICT Processes and Requirements for registration and issuance of carbon credits can be found here.